- Oblivion Mod Collection V4

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28 Feb 28 February PM In the first part you can find the essential tools to mod Oblivion, then What you need to start modding Oblivion. An Oblivion mod that fixes over 2, bugs (and 70, object placement errors when mods are specially packed into omod files. MB; k; m. 4 of bugs currently existing in the Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion v1.

The next best thing is Knot's Oblivion Modding Guide, which I've linked to many times in other topics. PC Setup: 4 GB DDR3 RAM | ATi HD.

23 Eki @ Most up to date mod compilation. Really want to get back into oblivion, but i want a really good mod comp thats actually up to date.

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